When Are Taxes Due?

  • The first part of your taxes are due December 20 of each year.
  • The second half of taxes are to be paid by May 10.
For additional information or questions, please contact the County Treasurers Office at 
(620) 626-3215.
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February 1st through May 10th

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November 21st through December 20th


Tax Statements
Payment of taxes is the responsibility of the owner. Tax statements are mailed in November. Your check is your receipt. (Receipts will be printed upon request).

Real Estate Taxes
The first half of taxes are due by December 20th. The second half are due by May 10th. The full amount plus interest to date will need to be paid if paid after May 10th. You will receive a reminder for delinquent taxes before they are published in the newspaper in August.
If prior years are owed they must be paid before the current year is paid. If taxes are due and unpaid for three years, the property is subject to a tax foreclosure sale by the county. The property will be sold at public auction.

Personal Property Taxes
After December 20th  the full amount of personal property taxes (gas, oil, intangibles, heavy trucks and trailers) are due plus interest. Full unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the sheriff for collection in March as warrants.
If the first half taxes are paid in December, the second half is due May 10th , Second half unpaid personal property taxes are sent to the sheriff for collection in July.

You will receive a reminder before your taxes go to warrant. NO MOTOR VEHICLE RENEWALS or original title work can be processed until delinquent personal property taxes are paid in full.

Tax Protests
Tax bill corrections are initiated by the county appraiser. The county treasurer's office receives this information and issues a corrected tax statement.

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Homestead Property Tax Refund

File Homestead with your Tax Accountant if you file a Tax Return

  • you were born before January 1, 1954 OR
  • you were totally and permanently disabled or blind for the entire year of 2009, OR
  • you have a dependent child who lived with you the entire year that was born before January 1, 2009 and was under the age of 18 all of 2009.
  • you are a disabled veteran (50% or more )