Contractor Licensing


Learn more about the Seward County, Kansas Contractor Licensing Code

Requirements for Seward County Contractor’s License:
  • Completed Application
  • Copy of Qualified Agent's Certificate of Competency
  • Current certificate of liability insurance with Seward County as the certificate holder (minimum $500,000 per occurrence for limited contractors, $1,000,000 per occurrence for all others)
    Certificate holder: Seward County, 515 N. Washington, Suite 207, Liberal, KS 67901
  • List of all employees with a Certificate of Competency indicating type of certificate
  • List of apprentices currently employed
  • Copy of State License (if applicable)
  • Corporations shall provide proof of authority to do business in Kansas
  • Businesses other than Individual or Sole Proprietor shall provide a list of all principals or members with 5% or greater interest
  • Water well drillers shall provide a list of all drilling rigs utilized
  • Waste water haulers shall provide a list of all vehicles used indicating pump type
  • Statements explaining any surety settlements, liens, encumbrances or lawsuits
  • Copy of same year, equivalent type City of Liberal license when requesting reciprocal license (reduced fee only)
  • Appropriate fees
Seward County also requires building permits for each project. Before building permits are issued, plans must be provided to the Planning and Zoning office for review.

Certificate of Competency

All trade Journeymen and Masters working in Seward County shall obtain a Certificate of Competency from Seward County or shall provide a Certificate of Competency issued by another Kansas jurisdiction annually.  Certificates from other jurisdictions will only be accepted if they contain all the required information.

General, Building and Residential Contractors a
re also required to obtain Certificate of Competency.  

Requirements for Certificate of Competency are listed in the licensing code and include passage of a standard examination with a minimum score of 75% and documented field experience.  

Renewals for Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors are required to provide proof of Continuing Education in order to obtain a license. Twelve (12) hours of continuing education are required biennially.


Certificate of Competency must be renewed annually.  Proof of continuing education is required for trade certificates.  

All Contractors must complete a new application for their first renewal following adoption of the new code (February 1, 2017). Thereafter, a
renewal application can be competed as long as there are no changes to the business name or business structure.

Contractor Licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

Licenses may be renewed for the following calendar year beginning December 1.  Standard renewal are accepted thru January 31.

Licenses renewed between February 1 and March 31 will be assessed a late renewal fee.  Thereafter, a new application and application fee are required.