The Seward County GIS Department is responsible for maintaining current data layers, instructing other departments on how to collect information they want put into a layer, and developing new layers in which spatial data is provided.

GIS staff may also assist in printing maps for both public, city, and county use.

The GIS Department will not duplicate any document that is copyrighted without written permission from the copyright owner.

GIS Maps Online

Property Data Application

Property data can be searched by name, address, legal description or with the map.

Map Requests

Paper Maps

If you are interested in obtaining a paper map, please submit the online form. (use this form to request printed maps.) 

Digital Data:

If you are interested in obtaining digital data, please submit the "Request for Access to Digital GIS Data" form, use this form to request digital data files.

Please read our "Map Disclaimer" when requesting a map or digital information.

Fees and digital data available can be seen here.