Landfill Gas Recovery

Gas Collection System
In August 2006, National Beef and the Seward County Landfill collaborated on a joint venture for a gas collection system to collect the methane gas from cell number one and to install the first three phases of cell number two.
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How the Gas is Collected
The collected gas is transferred to a covered lagoon at National Beef's Liberal plant and then drawn from the lagoon to be used to fire boilers in the plant. This program benefits our community's largest employer by using gas which was once vented to the atmosphere as a renewable energy source.

For more information on the Gas Collection System, contact the Seward County Landfill at (620) 626-3266.
  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas
    Biogas Recovery System
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  • US EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program
    Methane Gas Recovery System (Biogas)
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