The 26th Judicial District
Juvenile Community Corrections & Prevention Services 

Serving Grant, Haskell, Morton, Seward, Stanton, and Stevens Counties


Juvenile Corrections and Prevention Services (JCAPS) serves as a liaison between various community groups to strengthen youth development through intervention, prevention, rehabilitation, education and behavioral modification to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors while holding juveniles and their families accountable.

The 26th Judicial District will develop a juvenile justice plan which will provide flexible, responsive, and effective programs and  services for youth at risk, juvenile youths, and families through an independent, district-wide, and community based governing body; these programs will provide a system of accountability for youths, families and the agencies involved.

Comprehensive Plan
Annual Program Report


JCAPS provides for public safety while addressing the needs of juvenile offenders and their families through Juvenile Intake and Assessment System (JIAS), Immediate Intervention Program (IIP), Juvenile Intensive Supervision Probation (JISP), and Community Case Management (CCMA) supervision programs.

JCAPS Supervision Programs Flowchart

Juvenile Evidence - Based Programming 
JCAPS provides various cognitive - based programming and Life Skills Courses in addition to vocational and academic programming to teach the youth accountability for their actions and enhance their ability to make good decisions for their future. Programming is mostly offered through the Prevention Grant and Reinvestment Grant.

Prevention Grant Programming - 
Prevention Grant programming provides the appropriate cognitive behavioral and social skills services to youth who have committed delinquent acts due to their criminogenic risk factors, resulting in contact with the juvenile justice system.  This program is designed to address dynamic risk factors directly related to delinquency, and to help in changing behavior and preventing future delinquent activity.

Reinvestment Grant Programming -

The Reinvestment Grant programming referred to as "TRANSFORM," provides the 26th Judicial District an efficiently organized, structured program for youth who are released on conditions as an alternative to detention, on Conditional Release from the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCC), or who are on Intensive Supervision or Case Management and require more frequent cognitive – based interventions, conflict resolution interventions, and academic programs due to their criminogenic needs and responsivity factors. 

Community Service