Agricultural Uses

Zoning District
Parcels of land 40 acres or larger in Seward County are designated as Agricultural Zoning District. Parcels described as a quarter/quarter (i.e. NW/4 of SW/4 of Section X) shall be deemed to meet the lot size requirements even though said parcel may net less than a full 40 acres.

Building Permits
Building Permits are required for any structures built or placed in Seward County. Agricultural Buildings are eligible for an Agricultural Exemption which waives the permit fee. Agricultural buildings are reviewed to ensure compliance with Floodplain Regulations and setbacks from road right-of-way or easements. An application for Agricultural Exemption must be completed by the land owner and submitted with a building permit application.

Agricultural Purposes defined
The use of a tract of land for the production of plants, animals or horticultural products, including but not limited to:
  • Forages;
  • grains and feed crops;
  • dairy animals and dairy products;
  • beef cattle, sheep, swine and horses; bees and apiary products; trees and forest products; fruits, nuts and berries;
  • vegetables;
  • nursery, floral, ornamental or greenhouse products.
Non-Agricultural Uses
Land used for agricultural purposes shall not include the following:
  • Lands which are used for recreational purposes, even though such properties may produce or maintain some of the plants or animals listed herein.
  • Lands which are used for agricultural residential, rural residential and/or suburban residential home sites and yard plots, whose primary function is for residential purposes even though such properties may produce or maintain some of the plants or animals listed herein.
  • The operation or maintenance of greenhouses, nurseries or hydroponic farms operated at retail.
  • The operation of an auction sales yard.
  • The operation of a junk yard.
  • The operation or maintenance of a commercial stockyard, feedlot or other confined animal feeding operation.
  • The operation of a boarding or breeder kennel.
  • The keeping of exotic birds and/or animals.
  • The operation of an airport or landing strip.
  • Quarrying or mining activities, even though the reclamation of same may be for water impoundments that support agricultural activities.
  • Wholesale or retail sales as an accessory use unless the same are permitted by the Seward County Zoning Regulations.
Some of these uses may be permitted by Conditional Use.