Traffic Division

The District Court Traffic Docket is each Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. on the main floor of the Seward County Courthouse. The date and time on your ticket are not unique to your case. Several people are ordered to arrive at the Traffic Docket at 9:30 a.m. You will likely have to wait for some time. (The wait could be as long as two hours, depending on the number of people scheduled at the docket.)

Remember to make sure your citation is not from a Liberal Police Officer or other police department. If it is, you are required to be in Liberal Municipal Court.

Be prepared for your appearance at the Traffic Docket by bringing documentation on how you attempted to fix a problem or were successful in doing so (i.e. a receipt from a repaired tail light, proof of insurance at the time of the citation, or documentation of reinstatement of your driving privileges.

But if you missed your court date, you will need to come to Court on the following Thursday traffic day or risk your license being suspended and/or a bench warrant being issued.


In the context of traffic laws, diversion refers to diverting a defendant out if the criminal justice system by having them complete a diversion program rather than be incarcerated or serve another alternative sentence. Traffic charges are typically dropped when a defendant successfully completes a diversion program. Please review eligibility requirements and guidelines here before submitting the diversion application along with the $25 money order. To apply for diversion on a traffic offense please follow the link below:

Traffic Diversion Application

*** Please Note***  CDL Licensed drivers are NOT eligible for diversion in any situation.