Subdividing Land

Seward County, Kansas has adopted regulations that must be followed when dividing or splitting land for non-agricultural uses.  This includes divisions for residential uses in agricultural settings.  This also includes the creation of new residential subdivisions.

Failure to follow these regulations can result in properties that cannot legally have structures built upon them.

One-time Agricultural Lot Splits are permitted in the Agricultural Zoning District as long as requirements are met. 
Some of the requirements are explained in this handout.  The application for this type of split is available here.  

The application for single lot splits of property in zoning districts other than Agricultural is available here.

Developers or individuals that plan on creating a residential subdivision will need to review the Subdivision Regulations and meet with Planning & Zoning Staff.  Forms available on this site are Sketch Plat Review application, Preliminary Plat application, and Final Plat application.  The Subdivision Regulations are also available for review.