Emergency Management

Kansas law requires every municipality and county to have a state approved Emergency Operations Plan, and to appoint an Emergency Management Coordinator.

The coordinator, in conjunction with local government, is responsible for coordinating the necessary actions to protect lives and property before, during and after times of disaster and/or emergency.
Disaster Response, Recovery, Mitigation, Risk Reduction, Prevention, Preparedness

Sign up to the Seward County Emergency Alert System

Once signed up you will receive alerts on your cell phone, landline, e-mail or both. This service will notify individuals who enroll about weather, environmental hazards, criminal activity, missing persons, and other community alerts.

You may enroll by calling 620-309-3558, Texting "ALERT" to 620-309-3558, or by going to the Seward County Alert System.

Citizens can also download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app on their smartphone.

Hyper-Reach Anywhere is a free smartphone app that allows individual citizens to manage and monitor the alerts they receive, both for their home and office addresses and for other addresses they care about such as those of elderly relatives or friends.

If you have any questions or issues while signing up to the Alert System call Greg Standard at 620.629.5410.